My wife and I, along with our daughter, spent a long weekend in early June in NYC. We saw the sights along the High Line; checked out the treasures in the Chelsea flea markets; enjoyed watching people in Central Park; ate a delicious German meal at Zum Schneider in Alphabet City; and visited a number of quaint shops and stores.

Well, instead of shopping I visited the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. I planned to spend a couple of hours there relishing the street art. To my surprise and delight, this was the weekend for the annual Bushwick Collective Block Party. Numerous local, regional, and international artists were busy creating new murals. I had the pleasure of watching Case Ma’Claim (Germany), Col Wallnuts, Damien Mitchell (Australia/USA), Jerkface, Lexi Bella, Meres, Pixel Pancho (Italy), See One, Sexer, Vers, Vexta, Zumer, and others in action. Pretty darn cool, let me tell you!

In addition, I took the opportunity to photograph a number of existing murals by such artists as Adam Fu, Buff Monster, Chris Stain and Bill Mode, ECB (recently in Baltimore for the OWB2 project), Ever, Gaia (Baltimore’s talented native son), Imnopi, Jana and JS, Lady Aiko, Mr. Penfold, Phlegm, Sirus Fountain, Swoon, Veng RWK (Robots Will Kill), Zimad, and many more. Needless to say, I did not make it back to Manhattan in time to join my wife and daughter for lunch.

This intriguing mural is a collaboration piece by artists Case Ma’Claim (Germany) and Pixel Pancho (Italy). Go to my image gallery to see other equally exciting artwork I photographed in Bushwick.