Oer the fieldBombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge near Smyrna, DE is a critical stopover for birds migrating along the Atlantic Coast Flyway. Bombay Hook NWR provides sanctuary each winter to tens of thousands of snow geese, Canada geese, and other waterfowl … which in turn provides a wealth of spectacular photo ops for photographers.

A few days ago, I conducted my annual photo weekend at Bombay Hook. Despite the threat of a major snow storm, our group enjoyed good light. American coot, bald eagle, belted kingfisher, black duck, buffleheads, Canada geese, great blue heron, mallards, Northern harrier, Northern pintail, Northern shovelers, snow geese, tundra swans, and other species were present. Folks enjoyed capturing images of this diverse bird population, the stunning predawn landscape, and the colorful sunset.

The highlight of a visit to Bombay Hook NWR in early December is the spectacular sight and sound show you experience when thousands of snow geese suddenly take flight. One can get so caught up in this wondrous event that he/she simply enjoys the moment and forgets to photograph it. Fortunately, the snow geese take flight several times during the day.

Here is an image of snow geese flying off after feeding in a farmer’s field. Click here to see more images from Bombay Hook and other national wildlife refuges in the Mid-Atlantic region.